hi there - my name is sydney. 
my background is photography and art education.
designer & maker of "greyboy" brand
single mom living in chicago with my boys - 
lincoln grey & julius grey (hence "hello grey boy"), 
and our french pup - prince.
we are a family involved in the arts.
we love to find adventures, sharing as we explore.

different sections of the blog you will regularly see:

- grey boy milestones //
monthly photos of my son(s) growing and changing, wearing hand painted dots to represent the month. 

- brothers //
baby guys and french bulldog growing up together in a series of photos.

- monday munchies //
things we make, recipes we try, drinks we like. 

- diy //
i make a lot of random things at random times. (mostly around holidays because its exciting)

- what we're reading //
whether its a library book or a classic favorite, if we like it a lot, we want to share it.

- word on the street //
art, music, and current interests.

- small shopper //
"shop small saturday" features local, independent, and/or handmade shops. 

- cribs //
cribs is an interior design section about the nursery / children's room, us moms work so hard on. nesting is an amazing, natural thing and i want to show off affordable solutions and diy baby rooms! if you want to be featured.. please email me sydneyjwalters[at]gmail.com

- favorites //
we have a weakness for cool baby gear; clothes, shoes, hats, toys etc. we try to buy simple, well designed toys and clothes. try to avoid batteries and plastic. we love companies who are started by families. we support local manufactures and local stores. 

- clean living //
i started this section to improve the way our family lives. i want us to try to be as "green" / healthy / natural / active as we can.. less chemicals and waste, more projects and adventures! 

- party time //
one of my biggest passions and hobbies. planning parties.