Tuesday, May 3, 2016

diy / superhero bunk bed

because boys like "dolls" too

- popsicle sticks
- hot glue
- scissors
- fabric & stuffing for blankets and mini pillow
(i used left over fabric from [moon phase mobile])
- cardboard

first you want to make sure your bed is big enough for your hero or figure. i cut a piece of cardboard first, then laid out the popsicle sticks. hot glue works the best because it dries so fast. also using the hot glue, i covered the cardboard in fabric, to create the "mattress" (sorry spiderman, its def not a sleep number) the pillows were sewn and stuffed. for the blankets, i put right sides together, sewed, leaving a hole to right side out, then sewed around the whole blanket again. (similar to how you would sew a bib) -- dont forget the ladder. 

night, night spidey.

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