Friday, December 13, 2013

yoga with baby

i truly love yoga. it helps release my physical and mental problems and clear my head space. when i first started yoga in college i thought it wasn't for me. my wrists would always ache and my body just didn't want to stretch. yoga is definitely something that gets easier over time. throughout my pregnancy i practiced yoga. with all the hormones and stress going on, i needed it at least once a week to help me stay on top of my feelings and really center myself. after having a baby, your body goes through some really weird stuff. finding a yoga class that i could bring L along with has been so rewarding for both myself and him. he gets to see other babies and stretch his growing body and I get the workout i need. i can't say enough good things about this new mommy baby class i joined. i look forward to it every week! i also found an amazing community of moms who share same interests.

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