Monday, February 3, 2014

clean living / cloth diapers

before Lincoln was born my world was very chaotic. i was not expecting to have a baby so young and as much as i love children, you're never really prepared for what's ahead. i did not do tons of baby research prior to L (other than a really cool stroller- which I'll post about at a future date). i was actually really grossed out at the idea of a cloth diaper with poop in it. all i could think of was.. what do i do with all the shit!

our cloth diaper experience began when L was about 3 months old. In disposable diapers L was pooping every morning sooo much that poop was shooting up his back. I ended up doing laundry every time it happened and was getting tired of putting pajamas with poop stains in the garbage. I was also emptying my diaper genie once a week and felt guilty about having to throw tons of diapers away. I also started thinking about when I was a baby and my mom diapered me.. I'm sure all my diapers are still laying around somewhere in some landfill in florida (no, floridan children.. those are not mountains.. they are garbage piles.. but there are real mountains in the world without garbage underneath them!) 

then the research began... i'm the type of person who likes to stick with one brand i love and truly support them. i don't like having so many different kinds of things. I like plain and simple designs as well. The bulk of a cloth diaper really bothered me, so that was a big factor. I wanted to find a diaper that was easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to carry around on the go. It took about 2 weeks to decide, from pocket diapers, to inserts, to organic fabrics.. I seriously learned so much... and I found the perfect diaper for us! They have really sleek designs and are very affordable. 

We went with [flip diapers] with organic inserts (so soft!)
and they can be ordered through [cotton babies] (free shipping!). 
I really love, not only their logo and packaging design, but the diaper design itself. 

things i've learned since cloth diapering:
- you need a "not-cloth" pail (we use a metal one)
- you should do laundry every other day
- breastmilk poop / mushy liquid poops go right into my washer.. it washes away and no build up
- solid poops are a piece of cake to toss in the toilet and say goodbye
- always carry a "wet bag" for the pee pee diapers on the go
- if you have a (solid) poop on the go try and toss it in a toilet so your bag doesn't smell
- if you are gone for a long day you should use the disposable inserts and toss that shit in the garbage!

final thoughts: i'm so happy i did this. i have a cute mini clothes line in my laundry room and i love seeing his little diaper covers drying. I also find joy in folding his diapers and re stuffing them getting them ready for him. i feel good about saving money and not having as much waste.

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