Friday, May 2, 2014

for all ya'll baby snackers

whether your a traveler, or a mom on the go, 
these are great treats to keep the little ones busy/ give their bellies something yummy.

1. [traderjoes] crushers - apple & carrot
trader joe's doesn't have an "official" baby food section, but since lincoln loves applesauce 
i grabbed these and he can't get enough. (also trader joe's makes a dehydrated fruit and lincoln loves the mango pieces)

happy puffs are similar to cheerios but they sort of dissolve easier which makes it good for 2 teeth or less. happy creamies are our alternative to happy yogis because lincoln's belly sometimes can handle milk and other times rejects it. the happy creamies are made from coconut milk, which anything coconut gets my approval!

3. [ella's kitchen] - yum yummy baby cookies
these are great because little hands fit perfectly around these. and they take a while to eat. if you have a feisty eater like myself, that's an important factor. 

4. [earth's best] - sunny days snack bar
 earth's best is a really solid brand, we buy a lot of their products (like baby oatmeal and diapers on occasion). 

5. [plum] - baby yuma
these are great for lasting a long time, but are a little sticky. would recommend at a restaurant and not so much on an airplane. 

6. [mum mum] - strawberry
pretty much a baby strawberry shortcake for baby... yum. 

7. [plum] - mish mash
because lincoln eats so much fresh fruit, i like these because they incorporate grains which i don't make as often. yeah, baby quinoa! 

if you've pinned the frozen yogurt drops and haven't made them yet, i'll let you know, the frozen yogurt drops are pretty messy and you probably shouldn't leave your house with them unless you bring a cooler. (they are great for teething because of how cold they are) these are such a great substitute for the mess and you still get the benefits of yogurt. 

side note: some packages i purchase say "12+" or "toddler" because of choking hazards. i respect that, but because lincoln is so curious with food, i like to stretch it a little. i either give him really big snacks and he will suck/gum on them or i cut his food up really small. we are sort of on the "baby led weaning" kick  but also throw in some pureed food on the side, because this boy loves to eat.

for the most part, i do my baby food shopping at whole foods, trader joes, and target

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