Monday, May 19, 2014

monday munchies / baby brunch

french toast, avocado & banana slices, and fresh oj 

lately i haven't been making "baby food"... lincoln no longer wants to be fed from a spoon. he wants his tiny hands all over everything. the best part of this new independence is that we've been eating better. out of habit, i think "what can i make for my baby"... then i think "ooh that sounds good, ill eat it too" which is how it should be! here's some brunch items we recently enjoyed.

french toast ingredients:
challah bread
2-3 eggs
½ cup of soy / almond / milk
cinnamon (to taste)

my favorite thing about this french toast, other than the challah bread being the perfect thickness, is how easy it is for baby hands to hold. even with only two teeth linc can take a bite because of how soft it is.

we inherited an orange juicer and its probably the greatest way to get your vitamin c, fresh! lincoln recently started drinking from a cup by himself (we need to get some plastic cups!) as soon as he finished his cup of oj he shook his hands for more.

to mix it up a little, instead of just handing him a banana, i added some avocado to the banana slices. i mashed up avocado with a fork and added a tiny bit of sea salt. the best part about having a baby eater is i have someone to share an avocado with! half for him half for me. 

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