Thursday, June 12, 2014

diaper bag

we are actually heading to brooklyn today, so it was nice for me to get a little organized and go through my bottomless pit of a diaper bag, clean out all the crumbs and get prepared to travel with my little guy. here's what we carry around on the daily:

1. [free people- love land tote] i have a long time love for free people. and this bag is simply amazing. it has three compartments. one is a zipper in the middle, which i carry diapers wipes and a change of clothes. mama has a side pocket for wallet, keys, phone, lotion, water.. and linc has a side pocket for toys, snacks, books etc.
2. [madewell - pom-pom key chain] i'm always digging for my keys.. so this pom pom pinecone is great for reaching in and grabbing my keys quickly.. also seconds as a great teether.
3. [tokomolk - no. 10 shea butter hand cream]  i found this lotion at [the paris market] when i lived in savannah, and have been using it since. its a beautiful smell that is really refreshing especially after being on the go all day and smelling like baby vom & poop. i'm not big on make-up, so this is my girly thing i like to bring around with me.
4. [oxo - flip top snack cup] great size and easy to open. we love filling this guy with cheddar bunnies and puffs.
5. [melissa & doug - wooden abc / 123 blocks] its such a simple toy, but comes in handy for entertainment. lincoln absolutely loves tapping blocks together, making music, and dancing. they are small enough and don't bulk up your bag. i bring 3 or 4 so we can stack them. old school and still around, for a good reason.
6. [ello syndicate - glass water bottle] although glass is a bit heavier than plastic... i love how water tastes out of a glass bottle. this one also has a big enough lip opening for lincoln to slurp down some water.
7. [hey! wake up! by: sandra boynton] i love having a board book in my bag for times we have to wait for a table, or at an office.. it keeps lincoln really engaged and quiet. he also tends to snuggle me when i read vs. crawling around and getting into things he's not suppose to. sandra boynton has such a great collection of board books. we love this funny one.
8[seventh generation wipes & diapers]  as far as wipes go, these are our favorite. we have been super busy lately and have an on again, off again relationship with cloth diapers. lincoln's back up / current are these awesome non-bleached natural diapers from seventh generation.
9. [h&m - short-sleeved bodysuit] a cute very affordable onesie to keep in the diaper bag in case of anything involving liquids and spills. black and white stripes matches pretty much everything.
10. [paper source - red color block pouch] i was browsing around paper source and found this super rad pouch and instantly thought it would make a great diaper case. so my diapers are no longer floating around in diaper bag space. the pouches come in a bunch of fun colors.

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