Thursday, June 26, 2014

j u n e

1. [the very hungry caterpillar - by eric carle] this book is a staple, but great for lincoln's age now. he likes that the pages are different sizes, have holes, are colorful etc. also a great "summer read" since their are so many bugs around during the warmer months.

2. [oxo - twist top bottle] lincoln's big boy water bottle. he's really into straws right now, and this bottle is great for no leaks. twist it close and throw it in your bag.

3. [camp wolf - summer scout moccasins] i love this brand. they use pendleton fabrics in their handmade products. these moccasins are really comfy for lincoln, especially since he's crawling all over the parks.. working on his first steps. these make it easy on his first steps with a leather soul.

4. [radio flyer - walker wagon] not only is this a great tool for learning how to walk, its become lincoln's toy storage as well. he fills up the wagon and empties it on a daily basis, but clean up is easy and it doesn't look like a mess when you have a bunch of toys piled up in a cute wagon!

5. [pendleton - sante fe saxony spa towel] this very large towel has been our favorite all summer long. we use it for the beach, park, pool. it looks like a pendleton blanket, but since its a towel, its way easier to wash!

6. [ikea - dukig vegetables] i think these are such a great toy. colorful, soft, and veggie friendly!

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