Tuesday, July 22, 2014

carnival birthday party

happy first birthday, my baby boy!

someone just woke up from his nap, and we have grocery shopping to do. i plan on posting some more about the DIY part of the decorations.. but for now, here are some photos from this weekends birthday bash!

banana cupcakes went fast!

banner with lincoln's "monthly dots"

popcorn snacks & picnic basket (soon to be full of sangria)

freshly picked flowers from our park & peanuts!

watermelon, berry mix, some pb&j triangles

daddy killin it on the grill with chicken and shrimp skewers, corn, and veggies!

goodie bags of goldfish bath toys and animal crackers with a balloon

this is our "backyard" / 2 car parking spot -- its completely carnival transformed!

snoop dog!

baby pool duck pond

mini picnic table snacking // birthday tee made by: [grey boy] ; shorts made by: [thief and bandit]

prince thinks he is in charge of ring toss (but really he's just eating all the babies food out of their hands-- good job prince)

big cake, smash cake, cupcakes !! we love sweets!

confused about why everyone is singing to him. "happy birthday dear lincoln"

now that the singing is over.. he's ready to eat -- which always involves dancing.

prince is on clean up duty... naturally

think he liked it?

and he loved the corn! 

we had a tattoo stand. tattoos made by [tattly]

we have such generous friends and family. the gifts were all so thoughtful and great!  <3

one of our favorite things was looking through the photobooth photos at the end of the night.
we used an ipad with the app [pocketbooth]

party boy!

we had SUCH a great time! we were so happy lincoln had his big and baby friends to celebrate with as well as family, near and far. love you all thank you thank you for helping make this day extra special. xoxoxo

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