Sunday, July 27, 2014

j u l y

1. [swankaroo - backpack camo] this was a birthday gift to lincoln, from his lady friend. (she has a matching one.. ahhh) these backpacks are amazing. i'm so obsessed.. once lincoln is walking this will be a daily accessory filled with toys and snacks!

2. [grey boy - city transit tank] i can't get over how cute my little man is in a tank top. this is obviously his favorite tank, because it was made with love by his mama ;) 

3. [thief and bandit - mountain shorts] hand drawn screen printed fabric and handmade, this canadian company has such amazing style. these shorts look awesome on little chunky legs and are made really well. the sizing is great. i got them a size up and thinking they will fit for next summer too!

4. [yummy - ice cream sandwich plush] just a fun silly toy to have for the summer. can be used as a key chain or can hook to a stroller / car seat.

5. [my american summer - by jon burgerman] talented artist created this book. amazing illustrations for any age to enjoy. doesn't get more summer than this.

6. [freshly picked - camo moccasins] i wish his moccasins still looked as new. he's been wearing them all summer. camo is my favorite print (especially for shoes) because they match everything.

[see more of lincoln's favorites]

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