Thursday, August 28, 2014

a u g u s t

1. [fjallraven kanken - mini backpack] after seeing all the posts with the adorable preschoolers and their new backpacks.. it got me really excited about backpacks. now that lincoln's walking / (running) everywhere.. he can carry some of the weight!

2. [rody - red horse] this is on our wish list for sure! possibly a fun christmas present for a special someone. i have a feeling this will be a favorite. 

3. [cowboy and octopus - by: jon scieszka & lane smith] a pretty silly book that has us cracking up lately. if your into amazing illustrations.. this book is perfect.

4. [hunter boots - kids first glass rain boots] i'm thinking this is a wish list item for mama and baby. maybe in red? maybe in black? we could both use an amazing pair of rain boots.. and wouldn't it be even cuter to match?

5. [mason & the tambourine - cacti leggings] i've been wanting to order from this adorable company for a while now. i just jumped on this cute pair of cacti leggings for my sweet guy. we are anxiously waiting for them to arrive in the mail :) 

side note: i am going through one of those 30 day challenges.. (not for diet - although that wouldn't hurt) but for spending. when you have a baby (girl or boy) you have an urge to buy EVERYTHING tiny and cute and awesome and clever and trendy. i love creative products. i love handmade products. i'm having that issue. whenever there is extra money, (hahaha... thats a joke) i haven't been saving.. as much as i love and support independent and mommy companies.. i've giving myself 30 days of no spending. i am starting to do a "wish" list instead, and when there is a need for something i will turn to my list! so for a little while, lincoln's "favs" will be things we are excited to save up for and buy when there is a special reason. 

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