Friday, August 1, 2014

cribs / lincoln's room (update)

this guy got some new awesome birthday gifts that are now a part of his room.

crib: [netto cub crib] - so lucky we got a hand-me-down. pretty sure these don't sell anymore.
storage under bed: [3 drona boxes - ikea]
rocking chair: [nails creek woodworking] aka lincoln's grandpa / my father
shoe bin: thrifted milk crate
artwork: above dresser [jon burgerman] above crib: [teebs] above plush shelf: [takashi murakami]
closet door tassel: [pony tail - montgomery perry smith] 
plush: shawnimals - red ninja, ugly dolls, buff monster, kaws - astro boy, sleepy king, flower- takashi murakami, kumanokoido bear