Monday, December 1, 2014

santa meltdown

while in cinncinati visiting family for thanksgiving, we took a trip to the [cincinnati children's museum] to see santa claus.. we missed santa flying in on a helicopter, bummer, but lincoln got to meet him... shirtless? he barfed on his shirt.. and we of course didn't bring an extra one (normally we always have some extra clothes on hand) no one panicked.. we just went with it.. and santa told us "i've never done this before, had a shirtless baby!" he smiled. pretty fitting for our family. nothings ever really planned but always turns out great.

walking around looking at trains, proof he was wearing a shirt at one point.

shirt gone & animal instincts come out.. 

sat there unsure of santa for about 38 seconds.. 
(by the way our santa is super hallmark looking right? he was in fact a real person)

and... he's over it.

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