Tuesday, June 16, 2015

brothers / 8

visiting the grandparents in Cleveland and both boys are enjoying the grassy yard. 
this section of the blog was designed to see the relationship between a dog and a boy grow, but it will be really exciting to soon see a dog and two boys grow. and the relationship between two human boys. 

prince wanted nothing to do with linc when he was little. he was very jealous of us paying so much attention to this newborn. his jealousy showed because he would avoid lincoln most of the time. I have a feeling linc will feel the same for this new baby. but seeing prince and linc now gives me an idea of how a relationship blooms. and how two "humans" (prince is basically a human) can love each other more and more over time. prince is always by lincolns side. even if he knows he will be jumped on, ears pulled, or tortchered. he knows linc is his baby too. and he also knows linc loves to share his food.. let's face it.. you can't choose your sibling, but when you realize there is someone to play with everyday you start to enjoy their company. 

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