Friday, December 4, 2015

baby carrying & garfield park conservatory

snow day spent at our beautiful conservatory. i pretty much want the inside of my house to smell and feel like this place. warms your bones and gives you a lift.

i took my friend robin with me. he flew the whole time.

you may think i have one boob bigger than the other. but thats just sleepy baby julie's head. 
he loves being wrapped up tight.

this was the coolest fish i have ever seen. skeleton koi fish? 
his back even had black dots going down looking like a spine.

robin, showing off.

thanks to [wrapy] for keeping baby julie happy in his favorite cozy spot.
this fabric is stretchy and light. really easy to wrap, then rolls up to fit in my bag. 
if your looking for an affordable baby wrap, wrapy is your guy.
right now julius wants to live inside my body. this is second best.

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