Monday, February 15, 2016

"super love" valentines brunch 
we decided to celebrate valentines day by playing dress up with our friends.
baby jules is ready for the party
linc helped me make the decorations, we found sticker valentines and cut out hearts.

after googling/ pinning ideas for a "superhero valentines" party, 
i found this great mask idea from [100 layer cake]

last minute sewing velcro on the capes with my craft team. gotta start them young.

DIY cape table. heart cut outs, lightning bolt stencils, scissors, hot glue.. 

of course Linc is being a two year old and NOT wearing his mask... 
even though he wears a mask and cape the other 364 days of the year... 

 this was the beginning spread. it was a 'pot luck' sort of brunch party. everyone brought delicious food and I was too busy eating to take photos. amelia hooked it up with pancake balls.

the perks of having a baker for a friend. amanda did an amazing job with these personalized cookies!

the handmade valentines everyone brought were perfect. 
whitney and thea made kitty cats holding buttons.

sugar crash with a chocolate lip.

superheroes of all kinds

prince was the clean up / barf crew. 

we super love our friends <3


  1. LOVE. THIS. You need to become a party planner. seriously.

  2. LOVE. THIS. you need to become a party planner. seriously.

    1. Thank you so much! It's always been a dream, maybe someday!