Sunday, August 16, 2015

diy / moon phases mobile

i still have about two months to go, and i'm in full blown nesting mode. i just can't stop!

some moon terminology:
(in order) waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, waning crescent
waxing = growing
waning = shrinking
gibbous = more than half
crescent = less than half

side note: i always start my material list thinking i know what i'm doing, (so i take a photo of the supplies i "think" i'm going to use) and then most of the time i find an easier/better solution along the way and change up some materials. for this one, i thought i was going to sew little moon pillows, but the sizing and fabric were off. so i changed it up a bit. i also love to use what i already have, and i had brown cardstock paper, not black. (you should use black) 

this is a different kind of "baby mobile" and will hang vertically when finished. great for skinny places, like our bedroom that will soon be half nursery. see our [shared space here].. crib is coming soon, we are super excited :) 

- gold hoop ring, (size it to your moons, it will end up being the "new moon")
- cardstock / thick paper / cardboard (backing of moons)
- decorative string
- embroidery needle
- black fabric
- white fabric paint
- brush
- ruler, pencil, scissors, chalk
- fabric or craft glue
- gemstone / rock / crystal (bottom weight) 

1. splatter paint your black fabric with white paint, to create a "starry" look. (let dry) 2. draw out your moons, see above for phases. using the hoop, create your 7 cut outs. 3. using chalk, trace your moons on your fabric, glue to cardstock, and cut out. 4. tie your string to your hoop, this is where it will hang from. using a needle, thread your moons on the string, evenly spaced out. 5. tie / glue / wrap your rock with string and hang from the bottom. 

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