Monday, April 24, 2017

greyboy handmade & greyboy vintage shops

summer series coming soon....

greyboy handmade shop: childhood, nostalgia, city aspects, gender neutral street style

i blame art school for subconsciously making everything a concept and pushing ideas to a specific point and reason. greyboy started 3 years ago as a hobby. making my son handmade clothes. once i started i couldn't turn it off and it has now developed into its own style. all designs are hand-drawn & handprinted (mostly screen printed but some are hand painted) raising my kids in the city has been my biggest inspiration. they already seem to have a sense of style and are aware of all their city surroundings. we have a lot of fun items to share. stay tuned!
new instagram: @greyboyshop with have all the sneak peaks. summer series is coming soon :) 

greyboy vintage: sprouted from having a creative block. its a great way to turn my mind off and get into a different realm. almost like getting lost in a good book. thrift stores are my therapy. escaping into the past to find decades of fashion designs. there is nothing better than that special find. you didn't know what you were looking for until you found it. that high drives me to then create more. so basically my life is creating and finding and then creating more. 

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