Sunday, October 20, 2013

beginning to our family story

Things never go as you plan them to. This was an unexpected emotional experience for us all. I had was diagnosed with preeclampisa around 35 weeks and had Lincoln at 36 weeks. I went to a regular appointment with my midwife, and they noticed my blood pressure was high, they sent me to the hospital where I peed in a cup, got blood drawn and was given a hospital gown and told "you wont be leaving here without a baby"... 5 days later I had Lincoln. I never shared photos of my son in the NICU because I didn't want these photos to be the first people saw of him and I was also nervous of his health. I waited and waited until he got out of the hospital and was just himself with no cords or wires. Almost three months later I am accepting and proud to show the birth story of my strong baby boy. I am so thankful for where we are now, but I cherish every moment I spent with Lincoln in the NICU. He has made me a stronger, more patient person. Waiting two and a half weeks to bring my baby boy home from the hospital was the hardest thing I've ever overcome in my life. The feelings and love I felt when I held him for the first time and brought him home are priceless. I feel so lucky to be the mommy to little Lincoln.

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