Saturday, October 12, 2013


1. [american apparel - alphabet shirt] this was a gift from my awesome southern girlfriend. her initials are actually LL so it was quite fitting.

2. [trumpette- pop socks] lincoln's dad got him these. they come in an andy warhol soup can. you really can't have enough socks for a little baby. cold toes are the worst. 

3. [comotomo - teether] i know tiny babies don't teethe (well maybe some do). 
lincoln didn't start teething until he was 8 months.. 
but this toy was great for teaching him to hold things. 
its easy to grip and really light. 

4. [shawnimals - pocket wee ninja] this little ninja is actually very special to us. 
when lincoln was in the NICU for 2 weeks, we kept this ninja in his incubator to protect him. 
it was a very hard time for us and this ninja was a great protector. [our family story]

5. [born free - classic bottles] not only are these bottles BPA and PVC free, they are great transitioning from exclusively breastfed to daddy fed.
 lincoln will go back and forth from this bottle and the nipple without any issues. which has helped out a lot when mommy needs a break in the action. 

6. [aden & anais - moonlight bamboo swaddle blankets] of course any swaddle blanket will work for newborns, but this bamboo swaddle blanket could not be a softer blanket. it feels so good on already super soft skin. they are also really thin, so summer babies can be wrapped up without being too hot. 

7. [nike - baby fit id infant shoe] daddy surprised us with these in the hospital. 
they are so special and will definitely remind you of how tiny their feet are when they first arrive. 

8. [jelly cat - walter whale] such a cute gift from a lovely friend. it hangs on lincoln's car seat and he stares at it for hours. it keeps him very entertained. 

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