Friday, May 9, 2014

cribs / lincoln's room

so excited to be starting a new section called "cribs"!
taking a peek into nurseries / big kid rooms decorated by your average (awesome) mom. 
us moms put so much thought into the room where all the childhood wonder happens. 
i'm happy to share this exciting experience with you!
most items pictured will be linked at the bottom so you can get your hands on your favorites. 

crib: [netto cub crib] - so lucky we got a hand-me-down. pretty sure these don't sell anymore.
storage under bed: [3 drona boxes - ikea]
rocking chair: [nails creek woodworking] aka lincoln's grandpa / my father
artwork: above dresser [jon burgerman] above crib: [teebs] above plush shelf: [takashi murakami]
closet door tassel: [montgomery perry smith] 
plush: shawnimals - red ninja, ugly dolls, buff monster, kaws - astro boy, sleepy king, takashi murakami, kumanokoido

if your a mama who put your heart and soul into your little ones room and would like to share, 
please email me with a few photos. thanks!

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