Thursday, May 8, 2014

clean living / yoga pre and postnatal

yoga class with lincoln (in my belly and out) has been such a wonderful experience. there are  many positive emotions that fill my body and mind when i am practicing yoga. i didn't think i was a big yogi until i partook in prenatal / pregnancy yoga. it was exactly what i needed to get me through the stress, emotions, and my roller coaster hormones. yoga brought me back to my center and grounded me for what was ahead. every class i was breathing-in peace and breathing-out bad energy. i was preparing for labor by opening my hips and learning to breathe through the difficult poses. i was connecting with my baby growing inside me. 

when lincoln was 4 weeks old i was aching for another yoga class. my body wasn't ready for a fast paced class. i decided to try and take him to a "mommy baby" yoga class. even though he wasn't perfect for the hour long class, it was such an amazing experience. i was instantly hooked. it is so helpful to know that other moms are in the same situation as you, and to be able to talk about it makes you feel no so alone. not only is it amazing to watch your baby grow each week at yoga class, saying "he's 3 months and lifting his head" to "he's 9 months and crawling", but its amazing to watch other moms and their babies grow. motherhood is such a special thing to share with each other. yoga class really makes it comfortable to get personal. 

first sharing about ourselves and our baby, and any problems or milestones we've come across. we work on the baby bodies, rubbing bellies to help aid digestion, we stretch their legs and arms, we sing to them, we use them as weights lifting them in the air, and stretch into downward dog over their tiny bodies. amazingly, every pose can be modified to do with your baby. i also love that lincoln gets to observe and play with other babies in a warm, positive environment. i leave each class so happy and thankful for my mama yogi community. 

now lincoln is 9 months, about ready to be done with the "baby & me" yoga and about to move into "busy baby" yoga with the crawlers and climbers. i look forward to my class once a week. even though i can't make it every single week, i have a new community of moms and my son has made some adorable friends. 

thank you to my yoga teachers, you are much than yoga teacher to me:

prenatal: [lauren]
postnatal: [jenny & carina]

my silly yogi boy. from 4 weeks - 9 months.

[side note: if yoga doesn't seem affordable for you, look into a yoga studio with a work/ study. 
you help clean yoga mats in exchange for credit towards classes. 
see bottom left photo: lincoln is a great helper.]

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