Wednesday, May 7, 2014

diy / modern flower pot

modern mother's day DIY

this is a really simple DIY and it's really fun to make.

material list:
- square flower pot
- mod podge
- brush
- letter stickers (outdoor works best)
- photo of your little one / someone you love.

first you want to crop your image, using scissors, and a ruler. 

second you want to mod podge your image onto the flower pot. to do this simply paint a thin layer of mod podge on the image, place the image down as straight as possible. let it dry for a min or two, then paint a layer on top. you might want to wait until it all dries and do two coats. 

third you can decorate with stickers. i found these at a craft store, and i went to the area with mailbox stickers. you can spell out "happy mothers day" or "i love you" ... i used the triangles in the "A" to make a sun. ours reads "we love GAMMY" (which is lincoln's grandma)

lastly, if your mother/ grandmother lives close, you can put a plant with soil. good choices are chrysanthemum (especially, great for "mums" day) or spider plants (which actually "make babies). 

if your like us, and your grandma lives far away, ship it with an air plant inside! other fun ideas are a gift certificate to a local nursery or garden store, or a few bags of seeds. those ship pretty well. 

this flower pot is for lincoln's gammy. 
what better way to celebrate her as a new grandmother?
she loves gardening and her grandson.

we purchased this square pot from a local garden store [sprout home]

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