Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy happy mother's day!

today was so fun! i think mother's day should be every day!

we walked over and had breakfast at our favorite spot [bang bang pie] 
linc can't get enough of the egg biscuit.

then took the train downtown. someone took a little snooze after breakfast..

we were not planning on coming to the [crown fountain] but walked by and couldn't resist.
lincoln found his new favorite spot. he loved watching the kids running and screaming. 
he wanted to drink the water and splash. the water was pretty cold but he didn't mind.

being in downtown chicago, surrounded by skyscrapers, 
playing in the water and sunshine with this happy guy...
such a fun stop on the way to the art institute. 

we saw the new exhibition at the art institute [christopher wool] and took the train back home.

i seriously loved today. i felt really special and enjoyed 
seeing other mom's out with their children. 
its such a great feeling. lots and lots of love today to all the mamas!! 
i'm so happy these guys are my family. i couldn't love them more.

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