Monday, May 26, 2014

monday munchies / popsicles !

watermelon pineapple & coconut popsicles 

this is a really refreshing recipe and easy popsicle making. when i got the idea for this i ran out and grabbed a whole watermelon.. for only 6 popsicles, one suggestion would be to get 1/4 a watermelon.. unless your throwing a party, then you'll have plenty for everyone. i literally have so much watermelon left over. good thing its delicious, best snack for the summer!

if i recommend anything, its a good set of knives! i wouldn't call myself advanced in the kitchen, i'm definitely still learning as i go. but i do know that i used to have only 5 steak knives and it made every task in the kitchen a lot more difficult. we recently got nice wood block with a set of knives and it's a real life changer. everything can be diced and chopped so easy!

even though you don't eat the outside of the watermelon, i recommend washing it. baby mouths like to chew on everything. my favorite brand of fruit & veggie wash is [earth friendly products]

^ the half cut didn't go super. i blame my watermelon for being lopsided. 

lots of options for coconut water. try regular or with mango!

(makes about 6 popsicles)
2 cups fresh diced watermelon
2 cups fresh diced pineapple
1 cup coconut water (optional: mango flavored)

popsicle molds / ice cube tray
(i found my popsicle mold at [ikea] for $1.99)

1. chop up your fresh fruit.
2. blend all ingredients together
3. fill popsicle molds
4. freeze for about 2 hours
5. enjoy outside on a sunny day!

learning quickly that his doggy brother does not have very good manners...

yummy! cold popsicles feel great on teething little mouths!

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