Wednesday, May 28, 2014

diy / easy party garland

no sewing machine required! 
i'm the kind of person that sees every DIY and i wanna do it. and i'll pin it on [pinterest] and when it comes time to get the materials, sewing machine, and glue gun, i'm over it. if your planning a party or event, and the decorations take forever to make knowing it will probably only be used once, it can feel pretty defeating. this is my easy and efficient party garland, no glue / sewing machine required: 


- fabric and/ or felt (i used some left over lace fabric and really inexpensive felt)
- twine, string, or yarn 
- scissors 
- stapler

1. i start with 8 in x 10 in sheets and cut them in half (hamburger)
(each half makes approximately 3-4 triangles)
2. fold my half sheet in half again (hot dog) 
3. cut triangles using the fold. when you open it it should look like a diamond shape
4. staple the diamond into a triangle around the string. 
5. repeat until you have the length you need! 

[side note: keep your string on the reel until your done with all triangles. this way you can see where you will need to hang it and be able to spread your triangles out how you like it.]

there is a first birthday coming up, and were planning a big one.
sneak peek of the colors we chose for lincoln's party garland. 
stay tuned for more party decoration ideas! 

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