Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bath time

1. [california baby - body wash & bubble bath] we switch up the scents and try the new ones. bubble bath comes with a bubble wand. a few drops in the tub and its bubble city. made for sensitive skin. lincoln loves to eat the bubbles and gives himself a bubble mustache. 
2. [boon - ray drain cover] our tub does not have any drain, so this was needed. but if you have a drain that sticks up (metal knob) this is a great butt protector. 
3. [green toy - tugboat] this bath toy is great because it has a water spout to scoop and pour water out of. its also manufactured from an amazing "green" company that uses recycled material to make their products. tugboat was a gift from lincoln's grandma for valentines day. she knows how much he loves his baths. 
4. [elegant baby - boat party squirties] these cute little boats come in a party package. lincoln loves being squirt in his belly with these. also make great teething bath toys.
5. [skip hop - moby bath spout cover] not much explanation here. safety and good design. two awesome qualities. adjustable whale belly, fits any tub spout. now and then lincoln will kiss his bath whale. "thanks for protecting my head"
6. [boon - creatures interchangeable bath toy cup] such a smart idea to make these interchangeable creatures into cups. there are different sized holes in the bottom of each one. adding an element of curiosity to water exploration. for now, lincoln thinks they are musical instruments (as he does everything else) and bangs them together.

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