Thursday, June 5, 2014

clean living / seasonal drinking (and eating)

i was on the way to work yesterday listening to my usual npr - [afternoon shift] about mixing drinks got me so inspired (naturally). chicago's WBEZ had this lady, [bridget albert], on the show who is a "farm to bar mixoloigsit" which basically means all her drinks are not only super fresh, they use seasonal produce! she talks about different herbs and juicing veggies and how they mix with certain alcohol. she recommended a ginger, carrot, bourbon, which i'm going to have to try, because i'm all about bourbon drinks.

anyways it got me excited and thinking about seasonal fruit and veggies, and i came across these awesome charts to make life easy. i'm going to print them out and put them in my kitchen cabinets.

thank you [chasing delicious] for these extremely useful and beautifully designed seasonal charts!

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