Thursday, August 14, 2014

diy / moss ball pet

are you wanting a pet with no responsibilities? well here is your perfect pet. a moss ball. its little, green, and alive. only requires some clean water (every month or so) and a little bit of sunlight. they make great gifts as well.

- glass bottle (this one is a coconut oil jar, try to use one you already have)
- a marimo moss ball (can be purchased at most pet stores that sell fish)
- some small rocks or pebbles and a larger stone
- a small vine

1. you'll want to make sure your rocks are clean with no extra sand or dirt. rinse them good 
2. add them to your glass jar 
3. put in your larger rock or decorate object 
3. fill with water 
4. plob in your moss ball 
5. add your vine
6. give your fella a name!

side note: except for the moss ball, the rest of the materials can be found. all four of the above vines were found on one dog walk. we live near a park and i found some over grown vines. just snip off a small stem. the ones that work best are the ones that the roots are exposed. after a few weeks of being in water, you will see the roots start to grow. the vine will be happy for a while, the roots will start to attach to the rocks. you can replant it in soil once the roots are about an inch long. 

this is my guy. his name is "bop" (lincoln named him) bop's friend, the vine, has been in there for about a month or two. the roots have started to grow around the rocks. once it grows a little more i can replant the vine in some soil. bop sits on my kitchen window and makes me happy when i'm doing the dishes :) 

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