Friday, August 8, 2014

morning walk

since today is national happiness happens day, i would like to share how my happiness happens.

we live in the city of chicago. and yes, there are plenty of buildings, stores, restaurants, construction sites, loud sirens, people walking, traffic.. but chicago is one of the great cities with amazing parks. we are lucky enough to live near, in my opinion, the BEST park. we have our little slice of nature a few blocks from home. i shouldn't say little slice. its a big park.. so big slice.

anyways, happiness these days revolves around peace. i am not a morning person (and neither is nick), and trying my best to adapt to being up around 6am every morning. since nick works nights, i have the lincoln morning shift. on days like today, where i make an effort to get out of bed and head out the door early in morning, i always seem to really enjoy myself. everything is quiet, nothing is really happening yet. some people are jogging, but mostly its just us and the park and the trees. we walk and talk (sometimes sing because no one can hear us), we collect things... like sticks and flowers. we have an area where we love to go feed the ducks. even if lincoln is in a cranky mood, watching the ducks swim around and quack soothes him. its a great place to go and clear my head before starting our day, and i come home and feel happy. happy to be outdoors, happy to get some exercise, happy to enjoy the silence of morning, and happy my guys could be there with me.

and what makes it an even happier morning, is having some snacks. 
currently we are really loving [happy family brand]. i pack a few of their [super toddler bars] and fill up a little container with some [best friend cookies] to enjoy on our morning walk.

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