Wednesday, December 10, 2014

diy / animal menorah

lincoln has a lot of religion in his family tree. jewish family, catholic family, alternative beliefs. i think its important to teach lincoln about all the above. last year lincoln was only 5 months and the menorah we used was a cheap one i found in our holiday bin. i wanted this year's hanukkah to be more memorable. so i put some effort into making lincoln his very own 1st menorah. he loved lighting candles each night. he was mesmerized by the light. plus he's really into animals sounds.. 

- 9 animals (i chose a "zoo" themed pack, found them at joann fabrics)
- scrap wood long enough for 9 animals 
- 3/4" nuts or larger to fit your candle. (its best to bring your candle to the hardware store so you can get the right size)
- block of wood
- paint for wood (white)
- spray paint for animals & nuts (gold)
- candles (hanukkah candles that don't drip are the best kind)
- wood glue / hot glue

pretty simple to make. paint two coats on wood, spray paint two coats on animals and nuts, glue block of wood with wood glue, hot glue animals and nuts in place. light candles and celebrate! 

happy hanukkah everyone!

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