Sunday, December 14, 2014

word on the street / teebs & dion banks

i love being connected to the arts, even though it can sometimes feel like i am no longer a part of that word, since being out of art school. but getting to design flyers for shows and going to art openings, meeting the artist with lincoln is great. thanks to my boyfriend and what he does with [pawn works] i can sneak back into the art world every so often. i feel lucky that my son can be a part of this world that his parents are pretty passionate about.

12/ 13/ 14 - was a fun night. this exhibit was shown at [thalia hall's] new bar, the tack room, and this was the first night the bar was even open to the public. the art show was one night only.. but you can still purchase the work through [pawn works store]

[one of my favorites from teebs]

[the after party that lincoln did not attend]

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