Thursday, January 22, 2015

clean living / kombucha round 2

ok yes. i admit it. i got lazy. i gave my scoby up for adoption and have been buying kombucha at the store for way too much $$$.. i was brewing too much too fast and couldn't keep up. i finally decided to brew kombucha again and this time take it more seriously. i've been collecting glass juice bottles and other sized bottles so i have more room for all the kombucha i'm about to create. ready for my detox to start happening. its been a while since i posted about "clean living" -- looks like I'm slacking in that department.. give me all the good bacteria!

to start brewing and to create your mother scoby you need:

- a large glass vessel (has to be glass.. scoby's don't like metal or plastic)
- cloth and rubber band for the lid (you want your scabby to be able to breathe but keep all the dust and dirt out)
- a bottle of [original kombucha] (you will see the baby scoby brown mush at the bottom.
 you need that stuff)
-8 bags of green tea (or white or black but plain not flavored)
-1 cup of sugar
-some hot water for the tea and some filtered water for the rest

basically you need to brew green tea in hot water, add sugar, stir until all the sugar is dissolved. add some filtered water leaving some room for the bottle of kombucha. only add the kombucha when the water is room temp. you do not want to burn your scoby pieces. leave about and inch or two breathing room at the top. add your cloth on top. store your glass jar with your scoby baby particles in a dark place. the warmer the spot is the faster the scoby will grow.. but not too warm or he may not be able to make it. the colder the spot is the slower the scoby will grow. i would recommend 65-80 degrees. your scoby should form in about 10-14 days. keep an eye on him. he will look like a white jellyfish at the top of the jar. once he has formed your kombucha is ready for drinking! 

if your are confused about all this scoby, growing, brewing, kombucha blabber and why you should grow/ brew this craziness.. jump back to my [first kombucha post] and get all the benefits and details on how to keep the brewing going.

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