Saturday, January 24, 2015

greyboy's tiny winter 2015 collection

greyboy is excited to announce new handmade items in the shop. its our "tiny winter" collection. (probably "fashionably late" for a winter collection- but thats how things tend to happen around here) i plan on adding more and more as i have the time to design, produce, photograph, and post. juggling work, motherhood, and the desire to create can be challenging. but i always enjoy that moment when it all comes together. 

someone's half birthday is today and we are super excited to celebrate 18 months!
[shop] today and save 10% off all items with promo code: HALFBDAY (ends at midnight)

a special thanks to my lovely model, who only charges me in food and clothing samples.
also- i love looking back at the [summer in the city 2014 lookbook]
my sweet boy has grown so much since then.

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