Wednesday, February 4, 2015

diy / recycled mini produce bag

make your own mini produce bag, for your kids play food or play kitchen. we buy clementines in large quantities around here, so we have an abundance of this mesh netting that they come in. any produce mesh will work. if its thin, double layer it!


- recycled produce mesh fabric
- cotton / muslin fabric (8x10 inches or less depending on your sizing of mesh fabric)
- thread & pins

first cut the produce mesh to have even clean edges. lay your square or rectangle shape on your cotton fabric. fold the edges to make about 3/4 inch hem on three side, pin. sew on zig zag setting around all three sides and all the way up (to make your handles). cut out the square so that your handles are free from the background fabric. sew two handles together. now your ready to hit the store!

another idea that doesn't involve sewing... 
whole foods makes a smaller bag (i got this one when i bought a glass bottle) 
and it makes an amazing play grocery bag. anything mini is cute, right?

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