Monday, June 29, 2015

feeding favorites: infant & toddler

1. [klean kanteen sippy 12oz] - this thing DOES NOT LEAK. its the best!
2. [life factory 4 oz glass bottle] - better than plastic, it cleans so well.
5. [smaska 3-piece flatware set- ikea] - i love this set of three simple colors. they hold up well and can be washed in the dishwasher.
6. & 7. [oxo tot cup for big kids] - linc thinks he's such a big shot drinking from this cup.
8. [baby bjorn first plate and spoon] - beginners spoon and plate/ bowl combo.
9. [svan signet complete high chair] - this was a hand me down, and its so sturdy and cleans easy. comes with interchangeable color pads.
10. [boon grass countertop drying rack] - the design is perfect for a bunch of crap on your counter. makes it look pretty.

we are terrible at using bibs, and never remember to put one on. but i love these designs from [whistle and flute] - the bandana bib is our favorite. whats yours?

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