Friday, June 26, 2015

cribs / sharing a room with baby

making room for another person in your family can be super exciting.. but living in the city has its limitations on space. we are lucky enough to have a three bedroom apartment. but unlucky in the sense that our family is far far away. so it is important to us to keep a comfortable space for our out of town family.

it will be easier, since we will have two boys, to have them share a room down the road. but for now, probably for the first year until they are both sleeping better, we moved some furniture around in our room and we are creating a little corner for our baby boy #2. we are going to keep it simple since our bedroom is tiny. (so tiny, we only have one night stand) but down the road if we live here or a different house, the boys will help us design an awesome room to co-habitat together. check out lincoln's room [here], although we have updated it again, with a big boy toddler bed. new post coming soon...

currently we share our room with the dog, and lincoln usually around 2am he comes wandering in for snuggles. so welcoming another small body isn't going to make much a difference in this little room.

not a huge corner, probably just big enough for a mini crib. but we will make it work!

some adjusting i've already done is, taking off the closet doors and adding a curtain to make more room. (plus the doors remained open all the time anyways, and it didn't look as clean.) i also moved the tv from the other corner (baby's corner) to where it's located now. see below for a quick diy about how to make the tv child proof, on such a high dresser.

- thick muslin fabric cut in a long thick strip
- screw and washers
- screwdriver
tip: make sure the fabric is pulled tightly before screwing it in. 

artwork by: [teebs] & [jon burgerman]
bedroom furniture: [ikea]

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