Saturday, June 20, 2015

word on the street / finding your "style"

the term "artist" is so quickly labeled to a specific kind of person. but in fact there are sooo many different types of art, which makes so many people artists in their own way, and each with their own style.

i was actually drawn to photography because it is a creative process that is more mathematical in terms of your outcome. lining up your composition, lighting your subject, editing to a precise point. i get cameras, i get film, i get chemical processes, i get computers.

but i became frustrated in undergrad at art school, because so many of my peers were multi-talented. amazing photographers, and had a hand at oil painting with amazing technique, or could draw so realistic you would of thought you were looking at a black and white photograph.

it took me a while until i felt comfortable with my own style of drawing. i have shaky lines that don't always connect with each other perfectly. my shapes aren't sharp or perfect either. color is really important to me. i am inspired by children's books illustrations and how unique they all are with their own style.

the best way to get good at any method, material, idea, is to keep on. you teach yourself so much in the process, its worth it to make as many mistakes as you can. drawing has always been something i've been shy of, and sometimes have to force myself into projects just to practice. but i finally feel like my "style" can stand on it's own and relate to me. i still always doubt myself in the process, and know i still have a long way to go, but the end result always makes me happy. so i keep on.

(drawings below are from oldest to most recent)