Monday, June 22, 2015

traveling with a toddler

a few tips on packing and traveling with a toddler.
pack light. as light as you can considering the littlest one usually requires the most stuff. the lighter and smaller the suitcase, the easier it will be with a car seat and stroller, etc.  

we are heading out on a giant family alaskan cruise and getting prepared early helps ease the stress of packing. sometimes when i wait until last minute, i end up packing too much or forgetting a bunch of things.  

toiletries and extras:
(from left to right)
1. [dollar shave club] has saved us so much money on razors. their packaging is easy and light.
2. q-tips are my favorite thing, and i couldn't live without them. i've had this q-tip container for years now and i just refill it every time i travel. 
3. [yes to carrots] shampoo and conditioner. i am one of those people who is hooked on one brand for a long long time. i have been using yes to, for years. these two bottles were the original bottles that i used when i tried the product for the first time. i just keep refilling them as well.
4. target sells squeezy bottles in their travel section. this squeezy bottle is my lotion, which is also [yes to carrots]
5. that light blue bottle was a travel sized [dr bronners] but is now filled with [baby burt's bees soap] i love both soaps!
6. blue spray bottle was purchased at whole foods. this is my amazing face mister. it sounds kind of excessive for a travel kit, but it is so refreshing and keeps my face feeling clean. inside: 15 drops of tea tree oil, about a teaspoon of witch hazel, and the rest water. 
7. baby food jar is full of coconut oil. i could go on and on about coconut oil. here are [12 reasons i love coconut oil] my main reasons for packing it on a trip are; make-up remover, moisturizer, and oil pulling. 
8 & 9. [lush] can't get enough lush products. 9 to 5 is a face cleanser and moisturizer in one. the olive branch is probably the best smelling body wash. 
10. baby ibuprofen or pain relief in a travel size jar with measurement attached. its nice to have on hand incase you have a rough night. make sure to put the amount of ml on the bottle somewhere. 
11. [bordeaux butt paste] i just love this product, and when little tushys are on airplanes for a long period of time, chances are butts will get sore. 
12. tylenol for pregnant mama. thats about all i can take for my migraines. i need this on hand. 
13. [tide pods] for laundry. if your going on a trip for a longer period of time, its nice to have laundry detergent on hand. 
in addition to this, we have the basics, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc. 

toddler carry-on backpack:

[fjallraven kanken] mini backpack helps hold all his belongings together. he has been really excited about wearing his own backpack lately. 

books are a great distraction on the airplane. i try to pack ones that are relevant to our trip, or what we might see. i found this adorable alaska's animal book at a used book store. 

stickers have become a favorite. he loves to stick them all over his legs. 

a little note pad and some writing tools. we have this chunk of crayon that is pretty fun, and lincoln totally prefers pens over any other colorful writing tool. especially clicky pens. 

a few little toys. most likely we will bring the yo gabba crew, and his buzz and woody plush. 

ipad. (or smart phone with games / movies) even if i dont want to admit it, this is seriously the greatest for traveling with kids. currently we have despeciable me 2 & toy story movies.. yo gabba gabba & peppa pig shows. (can you tell he loves minions and the yo gabba crew?)

some toddler apps we love:
- [vine kids

if all else fails, snacks are equally as great for keeping them from throwing a tantrum. 

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