Sunday, July 26, 2015


life aquatic 2nd party
this year we hosted the party at a splash pad / playground in our neighborhood.
such a good turn out. had a great time with family and friends.
nick did his thing on the grill, grassy area for picnicking, lots of sugar, the kids went wild.
i cannot believe i have a 2 year old.

banana cupcakes, same [recipe] from last year.

check out [alison's cookie party] to make your own awesome cookies

linc did not let me get ONE photo of him in the hat i made :(
these amazing custom made zissou swim trunks were made by: [rad revolution]

reused from last year, took off the orange triangles and added some cut out 2's

splash pading with his lady friend <3

moms of 2 picnic (i can't wait to join that club)

boys and ice cream

sparkler candles didn't want to light, but linc somehow knew the drill and fake blew them out.

he thinks these sharks are the ones from finding nemo.

thank you for joining us on this adventure. xoxo 

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