Wednesday, July 8, 2015

summer vacation part 1 (seattle)

we stayed at this beauitful and quaint [air bnb] in queen anne, seattle.

right up the street (and i mean UP the street, these 45 degree hills are crazy!) there was a farmers market, and linc picked out some fresh raspberries.

but he didn't really need to, considering this beautiful garden that the owner let us eat out of. linc picked and ate almost every strawberry from the bush! thank you for your delicious garden nadine!

 my kind of beach, a beach with buff babes and mountains. 

lincs taking a break from collecting all the rocks on the beach and 
putting them into one pile. hard work!

linc's aunt & uncle came to see us from portland. he obviously put them to work. 

fist bump for a ferry ride to bainbridge island

hi beautiful seattle! we really lucked out with weather. 

nothing scares him, which makes it terrifying.

took a walk through pike place market to see some fish being thrown.

and of course the first starbucks coffee shop ever. yes, there was a line around the corner. 

stroller naps are pretty delicious.

so glad we could spend some time in seattle before our week adventure to alaska.
stay tuned for part 2

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