Wednesday, August 19, 2015

clean living / happy healthy odor free with fresh wave

i'm always happy to get packages of cleaning products, especially from honest, natural brands. the less chemicals the better. i feel like a stinky house is bound to happen over here with 4 boys.. (2 babies, 1 adult and 1 dog) + me. i'm in no way a "cleaning queen", but i do love a clean house. 
air fresheners have never been my thing.. i feel like you spray them and then the area smells strongly of a specific perfume-y scent and its always hard to find that smell that everyone enjoys. 
what i love about fresh wave, is that it's actually cleaning the air. so instead of smelling a perfume, it smells like a bunch of fresh plants just walked in the door. 

the gel sits nicely in our bathroom. we have a three bedroom apartment, with only one bathroom. one bathroom for everyone to share, with the shower always running, when guests come visit, it can get a little stuffy in there. now it smells breezy and fresh and no need to light candles after a #2.. the gel will take care of that for you ;)

the spray works great for dog beds. this dog bed gets washed about once a month, but the dog unfortunately doesn't get as many baths. its nice to freshen up his area once in a while.. maybe give him a spray or two on the tush. (kinda kidding)

lastly, these are my favorite because its a compact air cleaner and can be placed in places like the car, or the bottom of your garbage can, or in a stale closet. that said, i have a new car and i still smell the new car smell, along with a fresh natural smell (no messy toddler stank.)

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