Thursday, August 20, 2015

nursery ideas for a shared room

the plan is to share our bedroom with baby #2 until he sleeps well enough to share a room with his brother. we have a dedicated "corner" of our room for baby #2. living in the city means our bedroom is already pretty small. but we measured out enough space and can fit a mini crib.. tight squeeze but it will do. i've been nesting like a wild woman, and even though he doesn't have a full nursery, i still want to get excited about decorating something ! i made him this [moon phase mobile] for his space, and here are a few other things that would look cute in his "corner". i kept in mind there is not much floor space.. so sticking to walls, some plush & blankets inside the crib, and maybe a small basket to go under the crib.

1. [bryn mountain display shelf - UO]

2. [roxy marj - heirloom bear blanket]

3. [land of nod - with a chance pillow]

4. [lunar new year "a dream of reality" painting]

5. [momo- "bananas" print]

6. [colette bream - little house pillow]

7. [crane floor lamp - cb2]

8. [babyletto mini crib]

9. [land of nod - knit storage bin]

more on our shared space and see baby #2's corner [here]
to see our 1st son's finished nursery [click here]

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