Tuesday, August 4, 2015

diy / superhero initial cape

- two colors (cotton, jersery, etc) fabric for front and back of cape
- two colors of felt for initial and shape behind initial
- thread & pins
- scissors
- snaps (metal, plastic) or just ribbon to tie in a bow
- tape measure (if you want a certain fit) 

i measured linc's back to get a more accurate idea of how big i wanted to make the cape. i made it 10 inches wide and 15 inches long, to fit a little more snug on his back.

you can take a round object for the neckline, and cut a little bit of a triangle shape into the rectangle. also i am using red fabric for the top, and grey for the inside, so its smart to cut the out together to get the same pattern for both.

next using your felt, cut out a shape and a letter to go on top.

put the inside fabric away (grey fabric) for now. lets work on getting the initial sewed on. sew the shape first and then the initial on top. pin them down before you sew.

now you want to sew your cape outside (red) and inside (grey) together. put right sides together and sew. (initials should be facing the inside fabric)

sew around the whole cape expect for the shoulder part. then take your fabric and right side it out leaving your seams inside of the cape (not to be seen)

attach some ribbon by folding over your fabric and stitching it to the ribbon.

keep your ribbon a little bit long if you want to tie the cape in a bow, otherwise..

hammer on some snaps

voila! you now have a superhero initial cape!

now, try taking a photo of your superhero in action...

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