Monday, August 10, 2015

party time / baby sprinkle fiesta

a friend of mine, [amanda] threw this awesome fiesta themed baby shower yesterday, for a another friend and her little boy on the way. we had a lot of fun setting up. there was so much delicious mexican food, margaritas, and cake! we used a lot of left over plasticware, plates, containers, etc. from previous parties since there were so many fun colors. [michele] brought over triangle garland made from straws. tissue crafts are easy and affordable, a few yarn pom poms, and construction paper cut outs, and you got yourself a fiesta!

i found a group of moms who are on baby #2 also, well most have already had them and are out in the world being cute and tiny. these lovely ladies throw "sprinkles" instead of a "baby shower", because it's the second baby and most of us need nothing as far as baby gear. its a great excuse to get a bunch of ladies together for food and drinks. actually come to think about it, i might be one of the last ones pregnant... until my "moms' of one" join the club! #babyfeverisreal

(my little contribution ^ i love cacti!)

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