Tuesday, August 11, 2015

small shopper / mermapillar organics

Meet Alice and her son Felix behind Mermapillar Organics. 
This mama makes these lovely critters by hand in her home in Minneapolis, MN.

"I used to draw animals on the bills of regular customers I had when I was serving at a Minneapolis diner/bar in my mid 20's. Some of the customers would build up quite the collection! I liked to draw animals that were always a bit nervous, because for whatever reason I just think it's funnier and a little quirkier. Over time this turned into a business that included baby clothes, but now just the pillows (and soon art prints!)

The name came from one of my best friends who likes to give me a hard time, in a loving way of course, about my non anatomically correct creatures. I had drawn a "shrimp" at the restaurant that day, and when she saw it later she said it looked more like a Mermapillar - a caterpillar with a mermaid tail. The word stuck in my head, and I decided to use it since it seemed to fit with the quirkiness of the critters.

It's good for me to have a creative outlet while mainly staying home with Felix. I love to see how he reacts to the things I make or put in his room. It's probably the most satisfying part of it, when he smiles and laughs and wants to play with the pillows. Other than juggling when I have time to sew or design, which is a lot less now, he's my biggest inspiration. It's great to see what animals and books he gravitates to (right now dogs) and it's nice having a little sidekick to take to the post office!

These plush animals make a great gift for a nursery or new baby. They are playful with bright colors. Her materials are organic cotton, soy based inks, and non allergenic polyfil. 

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you can also find them on instagram @mermapillar

these art prints will be coming soon to the etsy shop

you know the french bulldog is obviously our favorite. lincoln thinks he looks just like prince. 
can't wait to meet our mermapillar pup, he will look super cute in lincoln's room.
what i love most about these plush, is that they have a back side too!

please shop small.
when giving or buying for yourself, its always smart to shop small and support creatives. this section of the blog "small shopper" was created to promote shops & companies run independently by: artists, makers, designers, builders, mothers, fathers & families because they are extremely important. 

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