Tuesday, August 25, 2015

small shopper / soul slings

[soul slings] sent us one of these beautiful, [eclipse ikat] slings. i want to start by saying how much we LOVE our sling already. we will most likely be using it for the new baby, but being pregnant with a toddler, babywearing comes in handy. lincoln has been really curious about the baby, and is more than willing to be my "baby" lately. he fits comfortably in the sling, around my baby bump and makes it easier on my back and body to have him snug up against me with his weight spread out on my shoulder and back evenly. (and that dead pan stare, is lincoln in his relaxed mode. tuning out)
i cant get enough of how beautiful this hand woven fabric is.

[Soul SlingsMade out of 100% pure natural fibers. Affordable. Safe. Handwoven by skilled weavers. Supports small-scale artisans and weavers. Supports local economy. Have a very low environmental impact. [find out more details here]

Soul strives to support local and fair-trade practices, small-scale artisans and weavers by working closely with cooperatives and non-profit organizations. All our baby carriers are locally produced, using local materials as we support our local economy. All our slings are hand stitched by local experts who have many years of experience. We try our best to make sure our business practices are eco-friendly is all possible ways.

Soul is a family run initiative based in Bangalore, India that aims to spread and share the babywearing love to all parents worldwide. It is co-managed by Chinmayie and Ravindra, a homeschooling, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, babywearing and breastfeeding family of 4.

I asked Chinmayie how life is running a business and raising a family, "It hasn't been easy at all! I started Soul when my son was around 5 months old. I already had a 5 year old daughter who is homeschooled. We all know the kind of time and energy required for a start up. It was challenging to say the least. I think it helped a lot that I loved what I do so much. It is a product that I personally used everyday and is very close to my heart. I knew that Soul was touching many lives of mothers like me. I was happy that I could share the joys of babywearing with others. It helped that I have a wonderful, very supportive family. I have great help/support system. Recently my husband also joined me and now we both run Soul together. That has been a fantastic decision because we all get to spend a lot of time together as a family now that we work together. I am very happy that I have a flexible schedule and a work space where I can take my kids along!"

please shop small. 
when giving or buying for yourself, its always smart to shop small and support creatives. this section of the blog "small shopper" was created to promote shops & companies run independently by: artists, makers, designers, builders, mothers, fathers & families because they are extremely important. 

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