Thursday, August 27, 2015

word on the street / art buying for kids rooms (part 1)

after posting [lincoln's room], and the most recent [nursery ideas for a shared room], i have received some interest about where the art we buy comes from. here's a few places you can get your hands on some amazing artwork that will work great in your kid's room. some of these are prints, not paintings, which frame easily and wont empty your wallet. and paintings are a great investment, because these will gain value over time. think of art being a savings account that looks really beautiful on your wall and constantly inspires you. all these artists below are currently working in their field and producing some amazing larger scale projects as well. please browse around and fall in love.

here are my current favorites:

instagram: @mrpenfold

instagram: @sonni

instagram: @jonburgerman

instagram: dj_thestudio

instagram: @momoshowpalace

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