Sunday, March 13, 2016

diy / mini canvas projects

these little mini canvases are fun for a variety of toddler friendly projects.

mini canvas magnets:

- mini canvas 
- washable paint & brush
- markers
- magnets
- hot glue

these are very simple to make, we did paint first, let it dry and marker drawings on top. hot glue a magnet on the back and they make great 'fridge art.

mini canvas plant art:

- mini canvas 
- washable paint (black) & brush

the idea was to make [Rorschach inkblot] type art, so we used black paint. these look great in our bathroom, and took about 10 min to make. plants enjoy art too.

superhero mini canvas:

- mini canvas (a little bit larger than the two above)
- watercolor paint
- crayons
- modge podge or glue
- print out of your favorite superhero

first color your superhero with crayons, then paint over with watercolors. cut him/her out and glue to the canvas. hang and display. i used thumb tacks to hang these.

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