Monday, March 14, 2016

monday munchies / lucky charm treats

we had a st patty's play date and decided to bring a tasty green treat.

-  6 cups of limited edition st patty green lucky charms (or reg lucky charms)
- 5 tbsp of butter
- 1 bag / 10 oz of marshmallows (big or small)
- 1 bag / 11 oz [ghirardelli] white chocolate
- 10-15 drops of green food coloring (light green or dark green)

melt butter in a pot, add marshmallows. mix until marshmallows are melted. add lucky charms, mix. 
pour into a  greased cake pan/ cookie sheet. let cool. cut in squares, or triangles. melt white chocolate in microwave. set to 1 min, stir, another min and stir. you dont want to burn it, but you also want it a smooth consistency. the broiler in the over works the same way, but the microwave is a little quicker.
add food coloring to the white chocolate. dip your squares / triangle treats in the white / green chocolate until its about half way submerged. let it cool completely on a piece of parchment paper. enjoy! toddlers, keep some green chocolate on your face for later, or so you don't get pinched ;)

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